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Research and Development Subjects01
Research and development on time-domain multiplexed general-purpose optical quantum computer

We will study and develop a hybrid error correction method with continuous quantity error correction using a state called GKP qubit, which is expected to be a low threshold for error tolerance.

Research and Development Subjects02
Research and development on superconducting photon number discriminator

We will develop a superconducter photon number discriminator that can discriminate more than 60 photons with an operating bandwidth of 1 GHz and a quantum efficiency of more than 99%.

Research and Development Subjects03
Research and development on waveguide optical parametric amplifiers and optical quantum waveguide circuits

We aim to realize waveguide optical parametric amplifiers and optical quantum waveguide circuit devices in order to realize quantum teleportation chips that can operate satisfactorily even in conditions exceeding the error tolerance threshold.

Research and Development Subjects04
Research and development on social implementation of optical quantum computers

The main objective of this project is to build a man-machine interface that includes the development of compilers and assemblers, and to realize an actual machine that can be operated as a cloud computer.

  • The Moonshot Research and Development Program
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Institute of Engineering Innovation,School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
  • RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing